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Since 1992 our company has been selling and promoting flexible magnets manufactured by leading producers from China and the United States. PAWIMEX, as a direct importer, has the opportunity to offer you a wide variety of magnets - for competitive prices and on advantageous terms. Amid different products provided by us you can find: magnetic sheeting - so called flexible magnets, magnetic stripes and rare earth (NdFeB) magnets. Not only do we sell flexible magnets as raw material, but also manufacture advertising magnets ordered by promotion agencies or individual customer.

The paramount features of our products are: low and affordable prices, high durability and weather resistance. The combination of different elements such as: magnetic force, variety of coatings and die-cutting guarantees that we will deliver the product desired by our customer.

Taking under consideration our extensive experience and technical support of raw material producers we are able to satisfy all of the needs of our clients.

It will be a pleasure to cooperate with you and deliver the product that meets all your requirements.

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