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PAWIMEX, as a direct importer of magnetic products, offer a wide variety of flexible permanent magnets. Magnetic sheeting (rubber magnet) possesses all the features of a permanent magnet, but at the same time is extremely flexible. A combination of various attributes, such as: thickness (0,4 – 1,5mm), chemical composition, magnetization type and various outer coatings guarantees, that the customer always obtains the optimal product.

Magnetic sheeting is an ideal carrier for different types of removable advertisements and information signs placed on all ferromagnetic surfaces. Printed and die-cut flexible magnets, used in schools, homes and offices as paper clips, are one of the most popular and effective ways to advertise companies and their products. The outer vinyl film is perfect for direct printing (silk screen or tampo-print) or application of printed adhesive stickers. When off-set printing is required, we prepare it on paper or film, which is later applied to the magnet.

Thanks to its softness and flexibility, the magnetic sheeting can by cut using knives or scissors. For more complicated shapes die-cutting technique has to be used. Furthermore, we offer material similar to magnetic sheeting but not magnetized, which has ferromagnetic features – so called FLEXMETAL. It can be used instead of metals as a base for permanent magnets.
ThicknessType of coatingLegth of a rollWholesale
(at least
1 roll)
price for 1 rolls
Retail price for
0,4 mmPLAIN - No outer coating30 m70,00 USD 
0,4 mmPLAIN - No outer coating45 x 61 cm 1,25 USD /pcs 
0,4 mmHG WHITE - White high gloss coating30 m 120,00 USD 
0,4 mmADHESIVE - With adhesive30 m 185,00 USD 
0,5 mmPLAIN - No outer coating30 m 90,00 USD 
0,5 mmHG WHITE - White high gloss coating30 m 150,00 USD 
0,5 mmADHESIVE - With adhesive30 m 210,00 USD 
0,6 mmPLAIN - No outer coating15 m 60,00 USD 
0,6 mm FlexmetalPLAIN - No outer coating30 m 130,00 USD 
0,6 mmHG WHITE - White high gloss coating15 m 85,00 USD 
0,6 mmADHESIVE - With adhesive15 m 115,00 USD 
0,7 mmPLAIN - No outer coating15 m 70,00 USD 
0,7 mmHG WHITE - White high gloss coating15 m 92,50 USD 
0,7 mm ADHESIVE - With adhesive15 m 125,00 USD 
0,8 mmPLAIN - No outer coating15 m 82,50 USD 
These are net prices, EXW Warsaw.
You can order magnetic sheeting with any outer coating – we apply different adhesive films to PLAIN rubber magnets. We offer discounts for long-term partners.
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