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The Neodymium Iron Boron magnets, known also as Rare Earth magnets, are the most advanced commercialized permanent magnet material in the world. These magnets can be produced in various shapes and sizes – bars, rings, etc. The NdFeB magnets are characterized by very strong magnetic holding force – up to ten times stronger than conventional ferrite magnets. In order to prevent corrosion all of the NdFeB magnets are protected by thin Ni, Zn or epoxy films.

Thanks to their remarkable features the Rare Earth magnets are applied whenever a high level of miniaturization is required. They are mainly used in motors and generators, servo motors, electronic devices (loudspeakers, microphones), toys and holders.

Wholesale pricelist for neodymium magnets:
NameDimensions (mm)Price PLN/pcs.
Cylindrical magnetD 10x1,5/N350,65 PLN
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