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(!) Presented models aren't trading offer. There are selected sample products, we made for our customers.
Since 1992 we have been not only selling flexible magnets as a raw material, but also producing printed and die-cut advertising magnets. You can find them anywhere – in an office, school or a house – always near to the customer – on a fridge, whiteboard, car or other metal surface. The advertising magnets are also very often used as clips or a holders for notes or shopping lists . Magnetic products can serve as business cards with company information or be used as toys – magnetic puzzles.

We manufacture advertising magnets ordered by advertising agencies or individual companies, which want to advertise their products using one of the most popular techniques.
The price of an advertising magnet depends on: its size (cm2), quantity, printing and shape. We calculate precise production costs only if we are given a detailed project in PDF, CDR, JPEG or EPS format (sent via e-mail).

Production time depends on the quantity and is calculated for each order separately – usually 2-3 weeks.

For your reference we have prepared an estimated price list for a typical advertising magnet: size more than 30 cm2 , thickness 0,4mm.
MB2-703 70-411 MB5-705 C_TADM51_731 70-346 70-486 70-347 70-480 70-483 70-412 70-463 MB2-700 70-417 C_TAW12_731 400-101 MB2-702 70-487
Quantity (pcs.) min.1 5002 0005 00010 00020 00050 000100 000-
Net price in PLN
for each 1 cm2
For orders smaller than 2000 pcs. costs of die-cutting knife and project preparation have to be added.

Price includes: magnetic sheeting 0,4mm thick, printing, laminating – in order to protect the printing and die-cutting.

A 30cm2 magnet for in a 20 000 pcs order would cost: 30 cm2 x 0,008PLN/cm2 = 0,24 PLN/pcs. Additionally we can pack the magnets in PP bags.
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