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Magnetic stripe is an extruded magnetic material of thickness bigger than the original magnetic sheeting and at the same time stronger magnetic force. This force depends on the magnetization type. Standard stripes are magnetize by multi-pole from the bottom – poles parallel to the sides of the stripe. Stripes are usually used with ferromagnetic base, but can also be adjusted to work together – part A with part B. This give a variety of applications. Subject to your needs the stripes can be magnetized throughout N-S.

Adhesive can be applied to the other side of the stripe. That makes it possible to stick it to non-ferrous material like glass, cardboard, wood. Thanks to their flexibility and softness stripes can be die-cut and applied to curved plains.
WidthThicknessLegth of 1 rollCoatingWholesaleRetail price for
1 meter
10,00 mm0,8 mm50 mPLAIN0,47 PLN (10 rol.)0,70 PLN
10,00 mm0,8 mm50 mUSA adhesive1,00 PLN1,25 PLN
10,00 mm1,5 mm30 mPLAIN0,50PLN (10 rol.)0,70 PLN
10,00 mm1,5 mm30 mUSA adhesive1,00 PLN1,25 PLN
12,50 mm1,5 mm30 mPLAIN0,60 PLN (10 rol.)0,75 PLN
12,50 mm1,5 mm30 mUSA adhesive1,20 PLN1,50 PLN
15,00 mm2,0 mm30 mPLAIN0,95 PLN (8 rol.)1,20 PLN
15,00 mm2,0 mm30 mUSA adhesive1,60 PLN2,00 PLN
20,00 mm1,5 mm30 mPLAIN1,00 PLN (6 rol.)1,20 PLN
20,00 mm1,5 mm30 mUSA adhesive1,80 PLN2,25 PLN
20,00 mm1,5 mm30 mTessa adhesive2,40 PLN3,00 PLN
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